About All Kinds of Things


All Kinds of Things is a conceptstore situated in the classy south of Amsterdam. We sell all kinds of things, but especially children’s clothes, toys and books. But we also sell things for adults.


It started with De Kinderkledingwinkel

We used to be De Kinderkleding Winkel. This store had almost reached his 30th anniversary, but as Bob Dylan so wisely puts it, times they were a’ changing. We needed another store, a store that was open, trendy and worth the visit. So there was All Kinds of Things.


About Jeannet

Owner and proud mother of two, Jeannet van der Knaap, has been running this store for almost 28 years now. Her simple criteria when searching for new products for the store: ‘Will it maken me– or my children – happy?’. The result is a collection of All Kinds of Things that both moms, dads and children can enjoy in the wonderful authentic setting at our store in Amsterdam.


Children’s Clothes

Our brands for children’s clothes are: Danish Name It, Dutch Petit Louie and also Dutch KikKid, and some shirts of Dutch Wild, sizes 50 – 152, sometimes 164. Besides clothes, we sell rainboots from Bergstein, sizes 20 – 32. We have a webshop, where you can see and order what we sell. The name of the webshop hasn’t changed. It is still http://www.dekinderkledingwinkel.nl, so don’t get confused.



Furthermore we sell a lot of toys. Brands like Djeco, Tobar, Londji, 4M, Crocodile Creek, Jellycat etc. But not only toys. Think toothpasteholders or lights, those kinds of things.



Children’s books are one of our fancies. You will find classic titles, but also hot and trendy ones. Dutch titles only! If you are looking for English titles, we have a very good bookstore opposite of our store called Van Rossum. They have all kinds of English books.


For adults

And last, we sell all kinds of things for adults. Nice vases, perfect candles, plants, cushions etc. We really love picking those items! We all need All Kinds of Things!


Outlet department

New is our outletdepartment: 20% or more discount on our leftovers! Come and have a look, you might be lucky! And if you are not, please feel free to drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee on our topfloor. We ask only a small donation, only if you want to.