PINS sparen van Name It

Collect PINS: every 15 euro Name It Kids = 1 pin

Collect PINS with Name It Kids! As of today you will receive 1 pin on every 15 euro spend on Name It Kidscollection (not sale).*) There are 40 PINS, so collect them all. Exchange them with your friends and see how many you can find. They can brighten up your coat or jacket or even your schoolbag. But please consider to pin them on the right fabric. It has to be a thicker fabric, otherwise you will get little holes in your t-shirt for example. You can change your outfit every day by using different PINS. For example there are PINS with the name of the day on it. So let them know that you know what day it is today. There is even a PIN for the weekend. *) subject to availability.

New collectie 2018 Name It Kids Childrensclothing

We are writing this end January 2018 and there is quite a lot of new collection to choose from. But ofcourse the really summerly things will arrive only in March or April. Now is the time to buy your jeans. We have a wide variety of really comfy fitting jeans for both boys and girls. But boys wear them a lot more than girls, so the boys jeanscollection is way bigger. There are 4 different types of models: Skinny is the one for the really skinny type, you know what I mean, skin and bones. Then there’s the Extra Slim model for boys who are slightly less skinny. The most common model is Slim, most boys fit those jeans perfectly. And last, there is Regular, for the somewhat thicker kids. Click here to see our jeanscollection, for girls too.
You can, if you like, order your jeans online, but we think it’s better to come to our store and let the child try the jeans he likes. And the free PIN-action is only instore, not online, so there is another reason for you both to come.