Orla Kiely House

Orla Kiely House, Amsterdam

Do you know Orla Kiely?

Orla Kiely is a female designer, based in Ireland. She designs beautiful, classy, appealing womens wear. Unfortunately we do not sell this due to lack of space. What we DO sell however is her home-collection, called Orla Kiely House. Although we define ourselves as being a kidsconceptstore, we also sell unique presents for adults. Mainly mothers ofcourse, because those are the adults that come in our store. Orla Kiely House offers a variety of cups and mugs, all retro-inspired, most of them very colourful and each one of them very desirable. Furthermore her work is graphical, and as we said before, she loves to use colours. But if you like grey we also have a grey sugarbowl and cookiejar on display. So if you are minimalistic, come and have a look for yourself. Needless to say we are fans. If you want to have a further look at the things she designs, try this Instagramaccount, inspired by Orla Kiely: https://www.instagram.com/orlakielyinspo/.

So come and have a look at our Orla Kiely House-collection in our store in the south of Amsterdam.

Ofcourse we sell only the pieces that we like most in our store at Beethovenstraat 19, Amsterdam. Come and have a look at this colourful collection. And if you realize Orla Kiely is not exactly your cup of tea help yourself to a free freshly brewed espresso or cappuccino on our topfloor.