Valentine Lakridsrhymes

A is for Anna, oh I love her so

Never in my life will I let her go

If she ever has a doubt, this comes in handy

A yummy liquorice, chocolate coated candy.


B is for Bobby, my one and only

With him in my life I never feel lonely

He is the ultimate medicine against depression

But in case of emergency I use this choc-liquorice-passion.


C is for Christina, the sweetest of the world

Her smile is like the sun, her hair is lovely curled.

Her eyes are like the ocean, her lips sweet as a toffee

I love her almost as much as liquorice-chocolate-coffee.


D is for Dylan, the love of my life

I hope one day he’ll make me his wife

He is the sweetest and the most handsome of all

and almost as tasty as a chocolate salted liquorice ball.